Gas and Refining Separation
and Energy Recovery Processes

Sep-Pro Systems, Inc. specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of modular skid-mounted oil and gas, petrochemical, and refining process equipment. Sep-Pro offers a range of products to cover a wide variety of applications, and many designs incorporate energy conservation mechanisms for greater efficiency and productivity.

Sep-Pro Systems is an ASME-stamped facility. We design and build all of our control systems, including PLC programming, and we build almost all of our heat exchangers, columns, separators, and other components on-site. Our products are not only practical, but in many cases technically unique.

The process systems include:
Amine treating of natural gas, biodiesel from algae, crude oil topping units, desalination using multi-effect evaporation or reverse osmosis, flare gas systems that produce associated products such as potable water, refrigeration, power, etc., gas to liquids plants (GTL), natural gas liquids recovery, nitrogen rejection units (NRU), rotary screw compressors, and ammonia absorption refrigeration using waste heat.

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