Biodiesel Production from Algae


Algae biodiesel represents a renewable, high-yield alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Oil is extracted from algae and converted to diesel fuel via an accelerated transesterification process. The high heat and pressure used in conventional diesel fuel production are replaced by biochemical reactions. Sep-Pro can build the bioreactor and conversion reactor.

This is truly green energy in a very practical context. Carbon dioxide, usually an industrial waste product, is used as the source of carbon. Algae is the vehicle to convert carbon dioxide to biomass using solar energy, and transesterification converts the crude oil to the organic biodiesel fuel. This is the ultimate in carbon dioxide sequestration because it so rapidly consumes carbon dioxide to create large quantities of biomass. This byproduct can be further converted to fuel and/or protein supplement.

Algae culture requires sophisticated growing procedures. Sep-Pro is researching its own growing and harvesting mechanisms.
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