Flare Gas Solutions

In recent years there has been an international consensus to eliminate the flaring of gas from oil and gas processing. Sep-Pro has developed process methods to reduce or eliminate flaring.

  1. Produce fresh potable water from oil field brine or from seawater by burning the flare gas in direct fired evaporators or reverse osmosis pump engines.
  2. Produce ice using absorption refrigeration driven by heat.
  3. Produce electricity with gas engine or gas turbine driven generators.
  4. Produce hydrocarbon liquids from the flare gas using Fischer-Tropsch technology.
  5. Drive a low temperature absorption refrigeration unit to condense NGL and LPG from separator gas.
  6. Use flare gas to incinerate the drill tailings from production mud pits. Sep-Pro makes a pit oxidizer that de-waters and consumes the hydrocarbons saturated in the mud.
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