Process Heat Exchangers

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

One of the key expenses to most process units is the cost of heat exchangers.  Sep-Pro Systems manufactures heat exchangers for its in-house fabrication units and for individual sale.  Sep-Pro Systems, being an ASME code shop, can U-stamp these heat exchangers.  We also machine our own tubesheets and do our own thermal and mechanical design.

Sep-Pro designs and manufactures several kinds of heat exchangers to meet our customers' particular needs.

* Shell and tube heat exchangers. This is a standard configuration used industry-wide. The hot side is isolated from the cold side by the use of a tubesheet and standard-sized tubing. There is a great deal of design flexibility whereby all types of process fluids in single- or multi-phased states can undergo heat transfer. The thermal design of shell and tubes is a very sophisticated engineering discipline. Sep-Pro uses HTRI software for thermal design and in-house experience and the TEMA standards for mechanical design. Sep-Pro can build stainless and/or carbon steel shells with stainless, carbon steel, cupro-nickel, or copper tubes. We build to TEMA C, B, or R specifications. Most of the configurations are BEM, BEU, AKU, or BKU.

* Air-cooled heat exchangers. Sep-Pro has its own very competitive design for air-cooled heat exchangers. Depending on the requirements of the project, Sep-Pro will use an array of materials for finned tube design to suit corrosion and process conditions.

* Refrigeration evaporators. Sep-Pro supplies flooded and direct expansion evaporators and condensers for refrigeration applications.

* Seawater cooling towers. Sep-Pro builds an evaporative cooler that uses seawater as the evaporation medium. The unit is totally protected from corrosion. The chemistry of the concentrated seawater is considered.

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